How Much Do You Know About Diabetes? [Level 2 – Intermediate]

Are you up for the challenge?


How well did you do on the quiz I posted last week?

If you pass it with flying colors, then you are ready for Level 2. (And if you failed miserably, you can still challenge yourself. * wink * )

Let’s start!

#1. Which of the following items have an impact on blood sugar levels?

(A) Stress
(B) Sleep
(C) Physical activity
(D) All of the above

#2. True or false. Diabetes is a reversible disease.

(A) True
(B) False

#3. True or false. People with diabetes are not recommended to eat potatoes.

(A) True
(B) False

#4. What is the target HbA1c levels for most people with diabetes?

(A) Below 4%
(B) Between 5 – 10%
(C) Between 6– 7%
(D) Below 8.5%

#5. What is the optimal postprandial blood sugar levels range?

(A) 4 – 11 mmol/L
(B) 5 – 10 mmol/L
(C) Below 4 mmol/L
(D) None of the above

#6. What is the optimal fasting blood sugar levels range?

(A) 4 – 7 mmol/L
(B) Below 10 mmol/L
(C) 4 – 11 mmol/L
(D) 5 mmol/L

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Answers: (1) D; (2) B; (3) B; (4) C; (5) B; (6) A


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