eating disorder that affects diabetic women

Diabetic Women May Be at Risk of This Dangerous Eating Disorder

Diabulimia is a term that describes an eating disorder that mainly affects people suffering from diabetes. What happens is that some diabetic women are...
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How to Plan Your Meals If You Have Hypoglycemia

If you have problems with your blood sugar levels, regulating your diet should be a top priority. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) requires some specific...
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4 Good Reasons Why Diabetics Should Eat Fruit

If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, you might be uncertain about what you should eat. After all, there is a lot of conflicting...
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5 Dietary Habits That Can Make Your Diabetes Worse

Diabetes affects every aspect of your life. Your lifestyle choices have a significant influence on the progression of your disease. Regular sleep, daily exercise, and...
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The Ultimate Cheesecake Recipe for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, it can be hard to enjoy a delicious dessert without worrying about spiking your blood sugar levels. However, with enough...
Diabetes-friendly smoothies

The Ultimate Diabetes-Friendly Smoothie Recipe

If you have diabetes that doesn’t mean you have to give up good foods. Vegetables and fruits are highly recommended because they are jam-packed...
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Beans: The One Superfood All Diabetics Should Include in Their Diet

They’re grouped with carbohydrates, but they’re also high in protein and fiber. And they’re recommended by the US Department of Agriculture for everyone. For...
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Can Fasting Diets Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

The connection between diabetes and nutrition has been well-established. And, while type 1 diabetes depends on genetic and environmental factors, the main cause for...
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What Is Food Insecurity and How Does It Affect Diabetics?

Have you ever thought about this?
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5 Breakfast Tips All Diabetics Should Follow

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