Frozen Yogurt is Worse Than Ice Cream for Diabetics

You may be raising blood sugar more by eating this dessert instead of another option.


So you’ve been making better choices in what you eat to lose weight and maintain even blood sugar levels? The “this instead of that” meal plan works great for a lot of people. Just be certain that what you choose instead is actually better!

Hidden Sugar in This ‘Healthy’ Dessert

Most believe that frozen yogurt is healthier compared to ice cream. While that Fro-Yo does have live and active probiotics, it’s not a good replacement for carb-rich desserts. In fact, the average half-cup serving of frozen yogurt contains 17 grams of sugar compared to the 14 grams of sugar in the same amount of ice cream.


Manufacturers must add more of the sweet stuff to counter the naturally tart taste of yogurt.

Fat Can Be Good!

The idea that fat is bad for you has caused a lot of people to opt for low-fat items. For instance, the ever popular frozen yogurt contains about 4 grams of fat compared to 7 grams in a serving of ice cream. However, fat can help slow down the digestion process. This helps you feel full for longer and helps keep your blood sugar from spiking as high or fast.

Can’t Stay Away From the Fro-Yo Shop?

A strawberry themed frozen yogurt sundae.

It’s okay if you like frozen yogurt over ice cream. Just remember to eat in moderation and continue making smart choices. When you order, pick the smallest available size. You may also want to head to the toppings section first and load up on fresh berries, granola, and nuts. Some people like to add a lot of toppings, but this can cause you to eat more than is healthy. Instead, make it a theme and stick to one flavor. Taste buds tend to burn out on just one kind of flavor, so you feel like you’ve had enough. However, a lot of different toppings may make you want to keep sampling all the different flavors!

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