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How to Break the News About Diabetes

How to Break the News About Diabetes

For people who haven’t grown up with diabetes, it can sometimes be difficult to adjust to life with diabetes. One of the most significant obstacles for some people is sharing with others that they have diabetes. It may feel like an awkward conversation to have. You may feel embarrassed, especially if you don’t like to talk about yourself. However, there’s nothing to feel apprehensive about. While the world is sadly not jerk-free, the majority of people you meet will react to your having diabetes the same way they’d react if you told them you had freckles. Here are some more tips on how to meet the world as a diabetic.

First of all, while it’s best to tell people with whom you are close, you don’t have to tell everyone. For instance, if you’re uncomfortable disclosing that you have diabetes in your work environment, you don’t have to be an open book. If it comes up and you feel you have to say something, you can just say that you have a medical condition and then change the subject. You may, of course, encounter nosy people who want to know more, and in that case, you can choose whether or not to share more. It’s all up to you.

In other situations, like dating, it’s best to share. You don’t have to bust it out over appetizers on your first date, but if someone is going to be a part of your life, this is a part of your life they should know. If you’re nervous about how your diabetes will affect dinner dates, assuage your fears by coming prepared. Study the restaurant’s menu before you go, so you have a game plan for your meal. Then stick to your plan. Festive events, like dates, may make you careless or make you feel like you can or should stray from your diet. Coming prepared can give you the strength to make the right choices.

As with other facets of ourselves that we might consider flaws, other people aren’t paying as much attention to them as we are. As the saying goes, you have diabetes, but it doesn’t have you. People will take cues from you on how to deal with your diabetes, so if you approach it as a challenging, but manageable part of your life, they will, too.