Does Music Lower Blood Sugar?

Move it, shake it, groove it!


Everyone usually has music they love to listen to, albeit we may not all agree on the same genres and songs. Music has been used for relaxation therapy and helps to reduce anxiety and pain. It is present in many cultures and religions and has been used as a therapy since the 1800s and has been shown to be a promising alternative therapy to achieve optimal glycemic control.

Do you know what music therapy is?

It is a process where music is used to generate positive changes in an individual. It works at the psychological level and helps to replace negative thoughts.

How can music help diabetics?


#1. Happy music decreases blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels! A study found that by listening to music that made the patients happy, the blood vessels relaxed, leading to decreased blood pressure, which in turn may reduce cardiovascular complications.

#2. Music increases the immune system by producing more antibodies that attack pathogens that invade the body.


#3. It also helps decrease the level of stress hormones and increases the levels of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress. It also treats depression and helps with mood uplifting.

#4. Music helps improve mental balance by keeping one motivated, cheering you up, helping with focusing and easing pain. It also helps you to achieve more goals in a day!

#5. Music helps you move! It helps people to move, exercise harder, and to enjoy it more! It has also been shown to help the elderly move with better balance, thus decreasing the risk of falls.

The principle of it is quite simple: the music beats works in coordination with the patient’s heart beat. If the beats are equivalent to a normal heart rate, it has a soothing effect. If it falls below the normal heart rate, it creates serenity and tranquility while rates above the normal heart rate create enthusiasm and exhilaration. It is suggested that diabetic patients are exposed to music either early in the morning or in the evening to help them focus their thoughts. It was found that if used as an adjunct, music can reduce the intake of medication and increases the rate of healing for diabetics.


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