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Diabetics and Desire – How Diabetes Can Impact Women’s Libido

Diabetics and Desire – How Diabetes Can Impact Women’s Libido

Unfortunately, many diabetic women experience sexual dysfunction due to their condition. Here are some ways that living with diabetes can impact women’s libido.

Low Energy

Many women who have diabetes feel exhausted. A good diet and an appropriate exercise plan may help with this problem.

Blood Flow Problems

Diabetes decreases blood supply to the sexual organs. It can reduce sensations as well. Additionally, there is a chance that diabetes will interfere with women’s ability to experience an orgasm. Improving your blood glucose levels will usually help with these issues.

Lack of Lubrication

In many cases, high blood sugar levels cause vaginal dryness. This is why lubricants are a good choice for many diabetic women.

UTI and Other Issues

Some of the side effects of diabetes can impact women’s libido as well.

For example, people with diabetes are especially sensitive to fungal and bacterial infections. Consequently, many diabetic women have to deal with urinary tract infection or yeast infection.

Additionally, some forms of contraception are unsafe if you have diabetes. All these problems have solutions. However, they can negatively impact sexual desire.

The Threat of Hypoglycemia

Sex is a form of exercise. It can burn your blood sugar levels very quickly. So long as they keep snacks and insulin nearby, sex is safe for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. But some women find it difficult to relax under those conditions.

Other Emotional and Practical Issues

Many women need time to adjust to their new condition. For example, they may feel that stopping to measure their blood sugar levels will ruin the mood. Over time, this problem goes away.


All the ways that diabetes can impact women’s libido have possible treatments. Even though it takes some time and extra effort, you will find a way to have a healthy sex life once again.


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