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Can Fiber Supplements Help People with Type 2 Diabetes?

Can Fiber Supplements Help People with Type 2 Diabetes?

Now the real question is, what can’t fiber do? It’s good for digestive health. It helps you lose weight. It supports your microbiome and enhances insulin secretion and reduces inflammation. Fiber supplements for type 2 diabetics may not have the cosmopolitan glamour of acai. And it’s not really a food in its own right. But it deserves a special award for superlative performance.

Study From 2016

The team responsible for both fiber studies is led by Paresh Dandona, MD, and PhD, University of Buffalo. Earlier studies showed fiber intake is associated with a lowered risk of both diabetes and cardiovascular events. But those were studies of populations. This study was done to track the specific effects of fiber on individuals.

Ten men were fed high fat/high carb (HFHC) meals on two different days. HFHC meals cause inflammation. At one of their meals, researchers added 30 grams of insoluble fiber. It turned out that the added fiber reduced the inflammatory effect of the meal. And it had positive metabolic effects.

Study From 2018

This year’s study was, like the earlier one, designed to study the effects of fiber. In this case, the study concentrated on type 2 diabetes and the effect of fiber supplements for type 2 diabetics. Twelve men were fed the HFHC meals, one with and one without fiber – in this case, Fiber One.

And once again, fiber was found to reduce inflammation. It was also found to increase the secretion of insulin. The increased insulin did not offset the rise in blood glucose that happens after eating. But again, it reduced both inflammation and oxidative stress.


Still, more news proving the benefit of fiber supplements for type 2 diabetics. Fiber has already been found to contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, and, of course, type 2 diabetes. Researchers believe fiber’s ability to reduce inflammation and increase insulin secretion may be the reasons why.