The Best 3 Diabetic Power Foods

Can you guess them?


Prepare to be flabbergasted as we reveal the three power foods that every diabetic should know.



Studies have suggested that this tangy fruit has the ability to shoot down blood sugar levels and shield your heart against nasty diseases.



Researchers suggest that cinnamon can lower cholesterol, control blood sugar levels, and prevent blood clots.

Bitter Melon

bitter gourd

Also called bitter gourd, scientific evidence suggests that this vegetable-fruit could help to treat diabetes by bringing down blood sugar levels.

The funny thing is that these foods are mentioned in the Bible, as one minister pointed out. According to him, the secret to beating diabetes was right beside us all this time. On his website, he shares with readers the 12 biblical ingredients (including the ones listed here) that can allegedly kick diabetes to the curb.

To learn more about his findings, you can view his video presentation by clicking here.


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