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5 Major Signs That Your Diabetes is Out of Control

5 Major Signs That Your Diabetes is Out of Control

Think that you’ve got your diabetes under control?

Here are 5 signs that might say otherwise.

#1 Kidney Problems

Do you have dark urine or pain in the lower back? Then your kidneys may not be working properly, thanks to the side effects of diabetes. Diabetes does serious damage to blood vessels, especially those in the kidneys. While it may take quite a bit of time before you start to notice any major problems with your kidneys, the damage is certainly happening. If you experience kidney problems, then talk to your doctor right away.

#2 Fruity Breath

Uncontrolled diabetes may lead to super sweet breath. How? All that unprocessed glucose accumulates to the point that you are literally made of sugar. This means that you will taste and smell pretty sweet. If you notice this about your breath or if someone comments on it about you, then check with your doctor to make sure that your blood glucose is under control.

#3 Frequent Infections

Diabetes does serious harm to the immune system so that it is less capable of fighting off infections. All that extra glucose in the sugar also feeds bacteria in ways that you could otherwise avoid if you didn’t have diabetes. So if you’re getting frequent infections, such as urinary tract infections or yeast infections, discuss with your physician.

#4 Insatiable Hunger

We get our energy from glucose. So when glucose becomes unavailable due to the body’s inability to convert it to energy, our body demands more of it. The way that you experience this is through hunger. Your body is telling you to devour food because it lacks the energy that it needs to function. The problem is that you definitely have glucose in your blood; your body just hasn’t been able to use it up. If you find yourself starving even after eating, test your blood sugar.

#5 Tingling or Numbness

Diabetes can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves, which may interfere with sensation in the hands and feet. This can cause a tingling sensation and numbness. Damaged blood vessels make it difficult for blood to circulate properly.


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