5 Easily Achievable Scholarships for Diabetics

Your dreams can still come true.


Pursuing an education can be both time-consuming and stressful when you suffer from diabetes. Whether it’s struggling with hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, or insulin resistance— adding that struggle to a classroom can magnify the stress levels to the point of danger zones. Still, thousands of people struggling with diabetes are fighting for their chance at a higher education. They are fighting through the stress of their disease and school in general.

That leaves them with one simple problem: money. What they don’t know is that dozens of scholarships created solely for those struggling with diabetes not only exist but are easily achievable with a little bit of hard work.

#1: Aimee Melissa Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund (Type 1 Diabetes)

This scholarship fund was created in honor of Aimee Melissa Davis, a victim of diabetes that was unable to reach adulthood before tragedy struck. The scholarship awards $2000 annually to a graduating high school senior with type 1 diabetes, although the value can fluctuate depending on certain variables. Provided you’re interested in a four-year program, this scholarship could be the first step on your journey to cloud nine.

#2: Central Ohio Diabetes Association Scholarships (Type 1 and 2 Diabetes)

Orchestrated by the Women’s Board of the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, favor will be shown to the students that manage their disease the best alongside their education. Scholarships will be awarded annually to those showing model academic standards, although scholastic merit and financial need will also be taken into account. If you are a resident of Ohio, this scholarship might be the perfect opportunity for you.

#3: Diabetes Scholars Foundation (Type 1 Diabetes)

This non-profit organization offers college scholarships for students in the US with type 1 diabetes. While it’s common to find scholarships that take into consideration monetary standing and educational accomplishments, this committee also assesses the implication of the contenders in their community, sports, and other academic activities. In order to achieve eligibility, the contenders are also required to submit an essay and two letters of recommendations.

#4: Diabetes Hope Foundation (Type 1 and 2 Diabetes)

Founded in 1999, the Diabetes Hope Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for students that have shown triumph in handling their illness while engaging in community and extracurricular activities. Only 400 students have received help from the Diabetes Hope Foundation. You could easily make that number 401.

#5: Novo Nordisk Donnelly Awards (Type 1 and 2 Diabetes)

Created by Billie Jean King in 1998, this scholarship offers $2500-$5000 to anyone between the ages of 12 and 21 that has diabetes and plays tennis on a team or in a league. Despite dedicated specifically for students that play tennis, this scholarship is full of possibilities – especially if you have an interest in tennis.

These scholarships are only five of the dozens out there. The biggest thing to remember is that it’s never too late to seek a higher education and chase your dreams.


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