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What Is Food Insecurity and How Does It Affect Diabetics?

What Is Food Insecurity and How Does It Affect Diabetics?

Society is filled with different types of insecurities. And, everyone feels it in one way or another. Read on to find out whether food insecurity affects diabetics?

Food Insecurity: Brief Overview

Having a food insecurity means that getting enough food doesn’t always happen. This is different from being homeless. Or, not having a grocery store nearby.

It has to do more with the economics of being able to afford food. And, having to choose whether to put food on the table. Or, paying certain bills.

Unfortunately, this state is widespread. And, it is an on-going problem. Families will go through cycles of having enough food. And, this is followed by periods of scarce food.

Contrary to popular opinion, this may occur in households with steady incomes, too. Because it is not a matter of not having any money, it is more likely that the households don’t have enough.

How It Affects Diabetics

There are a number of ways that food insecurity may affect diabetics. And, one situation may feed into the other. Leading into a cyclical pattern that is hard to break from.

In one instance, insecurity may occur because diabetes is expensive to manage. And, someone may need to make a choice between treatments or food.

On the other hand, inadequate food may actually lead to diabetes. Cheap food is less healthy. But, someone may choose to eat like that instead of not eating at all.

Furthermore, this cycle of unhealthy eating can make high blood sugar worse. Diabetics in this situation can’t pay for both meds and healthy food. So, either a lack of insulin pills or proper food may cause blood sugar to skyrocket.

What to Do

First, speak with your doctor. They may have alternate solutions. For example, low-cost medications substitutes may be available.

Final Thoughts

Food insecurity affects diabetics in dangerous ways. But, there are ways to make the situation more manageable. And, it may help with immediate concerns.