Treat Your Diabetes at the Food Pharmacy

Because food is medicine, right?


You have probably heard, over and over again, that a major lifestyle change can help you combat diabetes, right?

Yet, if this is the case, then why is this lifestyle change not a part of your official prescription?

The pharmaceutical industry is huge in the U.S. and drives the medical industry from start to finish. But the truth is that medication is just too expensive and not so easy to get.

Especially with the ever-changing health insurance laws, it can seem like a battlefield when it comes to getting the right treatment.

Well, one hospital in central Pennsylvania is taking a more logical step in the right direction: they have opened the Fresh Food Pharmacy.

In this pilot program, participants receive healthy food for an entire week. Fresh fruits and vegetables, quality meats, whole grains, and low-fat dairy line the shelves of the market-like pharmacy.

So far, 180 patients with type 2 diabetes are participating in the program, and they’re already seeing massive results.

Many have reported significant weight loss, a drop in blood pressure, and improved cholesterol levels, as well.

It’s not just a healthy and accessible market, though. Each participant can meet with a registered dietitian at the beginning of their visit. This way, they are evaluated based on their actual medical needs, educated on which foods can support them, and then advised on the groceries they are to collect.

No more blindly walking through the grocery store to collect food you heard was good for you. Now, this pilot program is blending the medical industry with the food industry so that patients can treat themselves a lot more wholly.

While it is not certain whether or not hospitals will be doing the same all over the country, it certainly builds a strong case to involve medical professionals in the “lifestyle” portion of treatment.

You may not have a food pharmacy near you, but if you’re interested in having a similar experience, then you can meet with a registered dietitian, too! They will be able to help guide you toward a total lifestyle overhaul that you can practice on your own.


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