The Hidden Signs of Prediabetes

You may also notice increased fatigue.


For many people, prediabetes is a hidden condition that rarely presents with life-altering symptoms. No, that is saved for the development of diabetes. By which time, it is necessary to take insulin, Metformin, and a variety of other medications to keep those pesky blood sugar levels under control.

Most people don’t know that they have prediabetes until they get a blood glucose test done at their doctor’s office. If you don’t get the test or ask about it, you may not realize you are at risk of developing a more serious disease.

However, you can see the subtle symptoms of prediabetes if you pay attention.

Are You Thirsty?

Perhaps a more noticeable sign of this condition is an increased level of urination and thirst, especially after you’ve eaten a lot of carbs or sugars. When you are insulin resistant, the body has trouble processing sugar in your blood. To help deal with the problem, your body will flush out the excess sugar through urination. This leads you to feel thirsty more often and go to the bathroom more than you normally would.

Is That Healing?

Another sign you may recognize is poor or slow wound healing. High blood sugar levels interfere with blood circulation, so wounds don’t get enough nutrients to repair themselves. A small scrape that used to close within a few days could suddenly seem to take forever to heal.

You might also see repeat infections, particularly skin infections that didn’t use to bother you. High blood sugar is like mana to yeast fungi and the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

Did You Lose Weight?

Sudden weight loss when you haven’t been on a diet may be a harbinger of something more problematic. Insulin resistance makes it difficult for the body’s cells to use blood sugar, so they turn to ketosis for energy. This involves burning the fat you already have stored. It’s not a great sign because you may feel hungrier as your body craves the energy it can’t access.

If you are experiencing any of these signs on a regular basis, it’s time to get yourself tested for prediabetes. You may be able to stop it from progressing into diabetes with medication, weight loss, or lifestyle changes.


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