Money Management & Diabetes: 3 Things You Should Never Skimp On

Diabetes doesn’t just mean a broken pancreas… it can also mean a broken bank.


Diabetes takes over the lives of those who suffer from it, invading every aspect of the day-to-day, from sleep to meals and exercise. Although these areas provide plenty of new avenues to explore, there is another area of life that is invaded by the onset of diabetes: finances.

3 Areas Not to Skimp On

Although it may be tempting to save money when it comes to medication, food, and your own education, each of these can result in consequences that will cost far more down the road.

#1. Insulin

While it may be tempting to hoard your insulin stash and use less than is recommended at each dosage, your team has given you your specific dosages to keep your levels strong and consistent. Failing to adhere to your doctor’s protocol can result in dangerous complications.

#2. Education

Read as much as you can, visit as many conferences as you can, and meet with as many doctors as you can to make sure you are achieving the best model of care you possibly can. Although each of these things can be expensive, they will prove invaluable to you as you journey through your diagnosis and subsequent lifestyle changes.

Conferences and reading up and coming studies are also useful because they may expose you to treatment regimens your doctors may not be aware of. If you bring any evidence you’ve found supporting new treatment options or engage in experimental trials, you may be able to find a treatment model that better suits your medical and lifestyle needs.

#3. Food

Eating well can prove expensive. Eating out can be cheaper, as can eating frozen, pre-packaged dinners and vegetable pouches. While it may be cheaper to eat poorly, most pre-packaged and restaurant foods are filled to the brim with sodium, additives, and preservatives, all of which have the potential to further exacerbate your condition.

Good, high-quality food can be expensive, but it can (and should) be regarded as medicine, too; the food you eat will determine a lot in terms of your weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Each of these factors has the potential to make or break your diabetes and can make all the difference in the world in treatment and expected outcomes.


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