Live Diabetes-Free Like Rob Kardashian!

Check out how Rob Kardashian Overcame his Diabetes!


It is hard to imagine having type 2 diabetes and NOT taking insulin? Can it actually happen?

Rob Kardashian certainly seems to have managed his diabetes. He says he does not need any insulin injections because his diabetes is under control.

At the age of 29, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and he was hospitalized when he took a turn for the worse after falling ill.

The diagnosis came as a surprise to him since he had no idea he was suffering from diabetes. Despite being aware of his diagnosis, within 6 months, he had stopped taking his insulin shots. He was an uncomfortable 300 pounds and he found the daily routine of insulin injections tiresome.

Skipping insulin injections made his mouth feel dry and he kept throwing up. That was the unpleasant stage until his fiancée Blac Chyna suggested she cook meals for him. Her persuasion worked and today Rob Kardashian is glad he listened to her.

The daily home cooked food has certainly changed his metabolism to the extent that he does not need insulin injections any more and his blood sugar is under control.

Rob Kardashian is 29 years old and he has managed to get his diabetes under control. Don’t you want to be just as lucky in getting your diabetes under control?

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