Late Diabetes Complications: Can They Be Avoided?

Develop a self-care plan with your doctor to keep complications at bay.


When you hear about the problems that so many others with diabetes develop later in life, it may feel almost unavoidable. You may think you’re walking round with a ticking time bomb, just waiting for heart disease, neuropathy, and blindness to hit.

But it is possible to avoid those complications.

Taking Control Of Your Health

The best way to prevent further issues developing from your diabetes is to maintain control of your blood sugar levels. Most of these complications occur due to chronically high blood sugars. This damages tissues, nerves, and organs. You can stay healthy by keeping up with your medications, maintaining an appropriate diet, and testing your blood often.

If you aren’t certain how to get started, speak with your doctor. Most physicians will be happy to help you set up a self-care plan and even show you how to use a glucose meter to check your blood.

It is also important to keep up with regular check-ups. During a check-up, important health information is gathered to compare against your previous visits. This can include:

  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Doing a blood panel
  • Recording your weight and height
  • Performing a visual examination

Over time, this can help paint a picture for the doctor of how you are doing over the long-term. It also gives you a chance to bring up any recent changes in your body or new symptoms you’ve been experiencing with the doctor.

Keep an Eye On Potential Complications

If you do start having mild symptoms or are still having trouble keeping your glucose levels within optimal ranges, don’t keep it to yourself. There may still be something in your diet that is raising those levels without you realizing it. Plus, mild symptoms of a complication can frequently be reversed with prompt attention and treatment.


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