Infused Water for Diabetics? Give Me Some of That, Please!

Make drinking water a little more interesting with infused water.


Water is, without a doubt, still the best type of fluid we should drink. It will keep us hydrated and energized especially during hot days, and it is also very refreshing.

As a diabetic, it’s very important that you drink plenty of water since it helps flush out glucose from the blood and reduce blood sugar levels. Moreover, water reduces the risk of dehydration and prevents the body from drawing water from other sources such as your saliva and tears just to remove excess glucose from the blood. If your body draws water from other sources, the risk of developing dehydration is increased.

Not all people enjoy drinking water though. Some simply don’t like the way it tastes, while some have simply just gotten used to drinking other types of fluids (beverages and sodas, for example) that drinking something as plain as water becomes bland.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like water, know that there are ways to spice it up!

Benefits of Infused Water

Infused water gives this plain drink a little kick. It’s just as refreshing and hydrating, and the flavor makes water a little more enticing. Plus, the fruits and herbs you typically add to infused water lend their beneficial compounds to water. These compounds have anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties, which are perfect for diabetics.

Making Your Own Infused Water

You don’t have to buy infused water from your local grocery stores since you can easily make your own. You can mix and match the fruits and herbs and come up with infused water that will suit your palate. Here are a few combinations that you’ll surely enjoy.

  • Cucumber and mint water.
  • Apple and cinnamon water.
  • Strawberry and rosemary water.
  • Orange and strawberry water.
  • Peach and mint water.

To make your own infused water, all you have to do is to slice the fruit into bite-size pieces, fill a pitcher with cold water, and add in the fruit slices and herb. Leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours to let the liquids mix. You now have your own refreshing, delicious infused water!

Who says water is plain and bland? You can give it a little kick with fruits and herbs!

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