Diabetes & Diet – 4 Foods to Eliminate Sugar Cravings

Your body's message that it needs sugar... or a road to complications?


Eating a healthy variety of vitamin and mineral rich foods is essential for health and longevity. While this is true of everyone, regardless of their current medical state, the power of nutrition carries more urgency for men and women with diabetes, as a steady stream of dietary mistakes can carry a heavy price tag, including nerve damage, heart attack, and circulatory problems.

Although diabetes patients are in no way in the dark about the necessity of eating well, the lure of sugar and junk foods can be extremely strong—and even addicting. Enlisting the help of some specific foods can stem sugar cravings, leading to a healthier, more balanced diet.

#1. Fish

The fatty acids present in fish help regulate blood sugar, make you feel full longer, and possess a unique flavor profile that combats the heavy sweetness of sugar. Saltwater fish such as salmon and cod are excellent for combating sugar cravings and are particularly helpful when paired with citrus and a side of vegetables.

#2. Butter

While butter once had a bad rap from the medical community, it is making a comeback for the healthy fats and protein it contains. Butter should still not be consumed in excess, but using butter as a means for cooking vegetables and protein-rich foods can lend an additional kick of healthy fats, resulting in fewer sugar cravings and help you feel full longer.

#3. Avocado

The humble avocado has enjoyed a long tenure as a healthy source of fat and is a versatile addition to dishes such as eggs, casseroles, and even smoothies. Adding some avocado into your morning smoothie or afternoon sandwich can help kick sugar cravings to the curb.

#4. Nuts

Once again, fats and protein win, providing you with much-needed nutrients to stop sugar cravings and increase fullness for extended periods. A handful of nuts as a snack is a great start. You can choose to include nuts in your morning yogurt or a healthy trail mix.

Sugar cravings are not, in and of themselves, bad; a sugar craving can indicate your need for a small blood sugar increase. Consistent sugar cravings accompanied by healthy blood sugar levels, however, can increase your risk of developing complications if they are given into—particularly because most sugar cravings demand simple sugars such as candy rather than wholesome sugars such as those found in fruit, grains, and honey.

Armed with the four foods above, you can be on your way to reducing your sugar cravings, improving your health, and stabilizing your blood sugar.


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