Check Out Halle Berry’s Secret to Managing Diabetes!

Discover how Halle Berry manages her diabetes without insulin injections.


Halle Berry was only 22 years old when she went into a diabetic coma. She was shooting for the television series “Living Dolls” in 1989. She was in shock when she heard the news that she had the lifelong condition of diabetes.

Even though initially she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it soon became clear that she had type 2 diabetes because she was soon able to manage her diabetes and go off insulin injections. A misdiagnosis is common when people are diagnosed with diabetes at an early age.


  1. It is impossible to stop insulin injections for type 1 diabetes.
  2. You could go off insulin injections if you have type 2 diabetes.


Halle Berry was perseverant and knew she wanted to continue experiencing everything life has to offer. She was not going to let diabetes take over her life. So, she decided to focus on her lifestyle.

DIET was an important factor in her efforts to control diabetes. She decided to go on a diet that would keep her blood sugar under control. It has done wonders for her diabetes. Berry has been able to pursue her career without letting the condition affect her rise to stardom. According to Berry, contrary to the perception that it is difficult to stay away from sweet foods, it is not that difficult to create a diet that avoids sugar.

A balanced diet that AVOIDS processed foods, saturated fats, refined sugar, and simple carbohydrates is effective in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Moderation in the consumption of sugar or honey is allowed for most diabetics.

Besides diet, Berry discovered that being physically fit goes a long way in maintaining her diabetes. She makes sure she performs regular EXERCISES for her heart. She also makes sure that she exercises her entire body to keep it fit and healthy. Weight lifting and body strengthening exercises are some examples of her exercise regimen.

So far, exercise and diet have worked wonders for the slim beauty. She has shown that perseverance pays when it comes to battling a lifelong condition.

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