Can a Vegetarian Diet Help You Control Your Diabetes?

Can a vegetarian diet help you control your diabetes

You’ve heard several people mention the benefits of a vegetarian diet for diabetes, but you’re unsure. Can a vegetarian diet help you control your diabetes? Well, there certainly are numerous benefits. Though a vegetarian diet won’t cure you, it may well be the path to a healthier life.

Let’s look at some of the main possible benefits:

Easier Weight Control

Keeping your weight at a steady level is essential when you have diabetes, and a vegetarian diet may just help you in this aspect. In general, vegetarian diets boast a lower calorie count than non-vegetarian diets, hence maintaining your weight may be easier. What’s more, vegetarians often have a lower BMI (body mass index) which may help to control blood sugar levels as well as reduce the risk of diabetes complications.

Easier Blood Sugar Level Maintenance and Improved Insulin Response

But, can a vegetarian diet help you control your diabetes? Experts believe that eating more fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes – as vegetarians do – can help you to control your blood sugar levels. What’s more, it may increase your body’s insulin response. In some people, this can even lead to a reduction in medication.

Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A low-fat vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of you suffering from a cardiovascular disease, which is one health risk many people with diabetes are more susceptible to.

Check with Your Medical Team Before Making the Switch

So, the question if a vegetarian diet can help you control your diabetes may well be a resounding yes. However, don’t just go off and make the switch. Instead, discuss going vegetarian with your medical team to make sure you do it right. There is a lot more to being a vegetarian than cutting out meat as you have to ensure you get all the nutrients you require.