Diabetes & Back to School – 3 Tips for Stronger Immunity

Viruses lurk around every corner.


As back to school (and, consequently, back to work) season approaches, the onset of viruses and bacteria also draws near. Because large numbers of people are placed into shared spaces, many of whom carry illnesses on their hands and clothes, this season is rife with the flu, colds, and other simple illnesses that don’t typically do a lot of lasting damage but can create quite a lot of frustration.

Immune System Weakness

Diabetes mellitus can cause your immune system to weaken, most likely due to increased inflammation in the body. When your body has inflammation, even a little bit, it is essentially unable to focus on any incoming intruders. If your immune system cannot function properly, a small cold that would normally be in and out in a few days can turn into a month-long ordeal filled with red nostrils and constant dripping.

Even though the likelihood of having a weakened immune system is higher if you have
diabetes, there are several steps you can take to make sure you are at your optimal state
of health.

3 Tips to Improve Your Immune System

#1. Keep Your Sugars Balanced

Imbalanced blood sugar (both high and low) is the primary reason for inflammation in the body and the greatest source of diabetes complications. Keeping careful track of your
diet, getting in plenty of exercises, and consistently taking your medication will all help keep your immune system strong and robust while maintaining your blood sugar levels in an ideal range.

#2. Amp Up Your Nutrients

Your body needs a lot of energy just to perform its essential functions, and the energy you put into your mouth is the energy you will use. Load up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fermented foods, and high-quality protein sources for the best chance of warding off illness and gleefully gliding through the sick season.

#3. Get Plenty of Sleep

No amount of nutrients and balanced sugar can outpace the importance of getting plenty of rest. During your body’s sleeping state, every system is given a chance to take a break or slow down. Without giving yourself the chance to rest, your body grows overworked and overtired, both of which result in a depressed immune system and subsequent illness.

Even if you don’t work in a school or go to school, this time of year ushers in a lot of illness. As seasons change and schedules are in full swing, many people push themselves harder and fail to take the time to take good care of their bodies. As someone with diabetes, your body is taxed more than the average Joe and requires a little more attention and care to stay healthy and strong.


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