5 Quick Signs to Weed Out Fake Diabetes Treatments

Leave the mouse, step away from the computer, and avoid fake diabetes treatments.


The internet is a wonderful invention, bringing with it a host of ways to learn and assimilate new information, connect to people around the world, and stay up-to-date on upcoming research and exciting new treatments. The internet is also filled with a large number of advertisements and claims designed to prey on the hope of people with chronic illnesses.

Ineffective and Dangerous Treatments

Diabetes treatment methods vary widely, depending on the severity of the condition. Management may only require more careful monitoring of diet and activity or may need constant insulin shots, medication, and regular visits to a team of specialists. Whatever the treatment method, though, it should be delivered or prescribed at the hands of a qualified physician, with research-based results.

Failing to heed the advice of a doctor and chasing after so-called cures can result in poorly-managed or entirely unmanaged diabetes symptoms and complications, many of which can result in permanent damage or death. Before adopting a new care regimen, check for 5 simple warning signs.

#1. It Promises Immediate Results

No diabetes treatment will eradicate symptoms overnight. If a treatment promises immediate results or suggests that your condition can be cured in a manner of weeks, steer clear. Diabetes management requires consistency and determination, and cannot be undone or reversed in a matter of days.

#2. It Is Administered By an Amateur

When you undergo a new diabetes treatment regimen, you should do so under the tutelage of a schooled, qualified physician. Someone with a nutrition training course or any simple certification or diploma should not be entrusted with the complexities of diabetes.

#3. It Promises Results Without Effort

Effectively managing diabetes takes time and effort. You must pay attention to the food you put into your body and the exercise you put out of your body, as well as all of the medications, sugars, and carbohydrates you’re consuming. No single, simple pill quickly fixes the imbalances your body experiences with diabetes. All treatment avenues require hard work and consistency.

#4. It Is Unresearched

Your body is not a lab experiment to test new, untested medicine or herbal remedies on. If a treatment does not have some solid research in place, it has no place in your diabetes care arsenal. Research in mice is typically the first step, followed by human trials. Be suspicious of anything without a shred of evidence.


#5. It Is From a “Newly-Discovered Miracle Plant”

Although researchers find new, fascinating species of plants, animals, and all manner of other creatures on a somewhat regular basis, these discoveries are typically exciting for their novelty or the light they shed on an area’s history. Plants, though they can be powerful sources of medicine, do not provide hidden cures that can miraculously erase your diabetes.


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