5 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

Keep some staples, like fruit, nuts, and low-fat dairy products, on hand to make up a variety of dishes for breakfast.


The first meal of the day is super important. You break the overnight fast with it. Also, breakfast provides you with enough energy to get through the rest of the morning. However, our busy lives make grabbing something loaded with sugar and fat at a fast food restaurant tempting. But diabetics should fight the urge (duh!).

There are quick and healthy breakfast options for you!

#1 Breakfast Smoothie

If you are short on time, blend up a smoothie in a few minutes to sip on during your commute. You can even purchase frozen fruits, such as a berry mix, to keep on hand for icy smoothies on hot days. Don’t forget to add a handful of nuts and some wheat germ to make that blend treat filling.

#2 Yogurt Parfait

A cup of yogurt with your favorite fruits and toppings makes a super fast meal. You can even pre-mix your breakfast parfait the night before. Just layer sliced fruits, pecans or walnuts, and yogurt. Keep in a sealed container and grab to take to work with you.

#3 Oatmeal

While oats are carbs, they are healthy for you when eaten without a lot of added sugar. Make yourself a bowl and flavor it with some fruit to add sweetness. Give it an extra protein punch with some chopped nuts.

#4 Peanut Butter Banana Toast

The name says it all. Just toast a slice of whole-wheat bread, apply a generous layer of peanut butter, and top with sliced bananas. This is a fast and filling breakfast that doesn’t even require a plate.

#5 Scrambled Eggs with Whole-Wheat Toast

This is an easy and protein-rich way to start your day. Scrambled eggs cook through in about a minute. Plus, you can turn this into a breakfast sandwich on days when you aren’t able to sit down to eat. If you want to season those eggs, put a couple of spoonfuls of your favorite salsa on top.


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